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18th January, 9:16 PM

Its just a coincidence that the previous post was also born at the same time, some days back..

My cousin has mentioned something about difficult times in one’s life as her FB status. And the things that we think and feel that empowers the situation to be more difficult than it actually is. It is actually a fact, that all emotions that we feel are internal, because they are there only when your mind acknowledges its presence. Whenever I remember the glimpses of people walking over burning coal, in the name of sacrifice and rituals I wonder if this could be an explanation. This as in, the understanding that they do not tell themselves that it is painful. Rather they tell themselves that its just an act that takes them closer to their belief. Mind games all the way. And if you actually get a chance to meet someone, you would see that the feet is burnt. There’s no magic, but just a belief that things don’t necessarily give the same experience to all.

So when you experience your share of difficult times, remember its difficult because you think it is.