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9:10pm, 21st September, 2008.

Life is always such a great box of mysteries. While you belive that every mystery you live, you get closer to life.. but al you end up is facing something new (probably bigger than what you just handled and lived through). Fresh in my mind is the message conveyed in Jenny’s words ( Perizaad Zorabian as in Joggers Park ). And i have been humming since yesterday, Adnan’s “Ishq hota nahin..sabhi ke liye”..  The best part of any feeling is that, you can always express the symptoms or the effects, but your perception of the emotion is entirely and only yours. A life you live, may not be kind enough throughout, to enable you with the fortune of expressing the purpose behind living. But the message you need to accept, the voice you have been overhearing is ” Hey Man !! ..Show me the results..( You are wasting my time otherwise) ” And this I believe is the worst part of being practical. Friday night, I wanted to experience ‘Rock On’ , but sadly I could just watch it. Probably because of the disease familiarily known as “Overexpectation’. And I say it a disease, because I fear of having lost the experience which could could have gifted me a different “Present” . And, to all my readers,” Excuse me, if I couldn’t show the results”.