26th September, 9:16 PM

Imagine this.

Couple of years ago, when you have just joined college. You are unknowingly celebrating the short immediate season of new friendships. You come across a whole new set of perceptions, almost overnight. You are surprised to understand that there are actually a lot of kinds of personalities, that you have actually connected to. And amidst this exposure of new discoveries in human nature, you can’t help but appreciate the immense talent that each of them has. The guy on the last bench who made the most amazing caricatures of the faculty, or that intelligent chic in the front who had an amazing expertise in handling her hair, or the fat guy next to you who actuallly had so much knowledge about everything, that you wondered if he is fat because he eats or he reads.

If someone were to ask you what of these people should become when they grow old, won’t you have thought of them as a future cartoonist, hair dresser and an IAS Officer. Common Sense, right ? And you realise why they say that “Common sense is a little uncommon”, when you see all of them become what you are.. a techie..!!

Couple of years into the job syndrome, and you see all these 3 bright and bubbly friend of yours have actually become frustrated together, and started believing in the gospel that “An MBA is the key to happiness”… 6 years later , you still find them frustrated, this time along with their partners and babies too… and before you and I understood, frustration has actually become a way of their life… All the time they seek answers to get satisfaction, but they fail to see the delight they experience in sketching , visiting a parlour or reading a newspaper..

Doesn’t it sound true that you were told by someone sometime that you would become a great singer or a succesful lawyer and you felt happy about it. You wished his words were true. You wished it actually happened. But then there was a voice inside you that said “Dude !! You ain’t that gud.. Stop Dreaming.. “.. and you heard that more distinctly than anything else. Sad but true, that this happens… to all of us.. People believe in us more than we believe in us. But that doesn’t change anything because people’s belief in us wouldn’t create miracles, it is our self belief that does.

But we often let doubt, fear, low self esteem get between us and our dreams. It were these ugly voices that you heard, and you thought it was God’s way of guiding you, (assuming God exists and is always correct).. They say, ” It is not your abilities that define you, it is the choices you make”.. Going that little extra mile to give your dreams a little life, a little shape takes a lot of belief and a little courage. Belief brings in confidence and confidence invites success. A confident man isn’t foolish or blind. He doesn’t ignore what his inner voices say. Instead he challenges, and says “I know I ain’t that gud, but I’ll be”.. And thus channelises his energy in the correct way.

The little steps you take as you imagine and believe the seemingly impossible task, makes it more and more achieveable. Life doesn’t have to be what other’s expect of you. Life can have a flavour that distinctly is yours. Life’s good. Live it.


2 responses

  1. i hope you stand by what you write..

    September 26, 2011 at 11:01 pm

  2. Amazingly motivating and thoughtful. Guess you gonna become a motivational speak.. (now that’s a sign from God :P)

    Well on a serious note, this post of yours has filled me with energy and positivity. Hope to see my other side understand this and take some action soon!

    September 29, 2011 at 2:45 am

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