02:36 AM, 18th February, 2011

People who are connected,  seem to have the best of their conversations even when they don’t speak a word.. Yet it is so important to be expressive and let the other person know how much they mean to you. Where do we draw the line then ? How to differentiate if your concern is perceived as care or an invasion to privacy ? How would you figure out if your small acts of expressing your love are equally delightful on both sides ?

It is an eternal truth that the perception of things and events that keep on happening around us is always  unique to every individual. It is shaped to one’s own thought process which is often a subset to the complete meaning of the subject. And it is by this virtue of humans, that we also understand emotions differently. The feeling of belonging to someone neither arises out of the same reasons nor has the same effect across individuals. Yet loneliness is so common to all of us. And we put our own humble efforts to get out of it, often by leaning on to the nearest available shoulder, preferably of the opposite sex.

As humans and social animals, there is always a deep urge of association that resides in us passively, To get paired with a soul around is probably the only aim of more than half of the wild sacred hearts around us. And with the modernization of things , both inside and outside of our brains, there is a great degree of pressure also that we get exposed to. The pressure of being single ..and to add to it , the memories of a broken relationship. I guess, its just human to keep falling in love again and again.

Is it just luck that couples stay together for more than a decade and then get married and stay together  for a few more decades. Or is it just that, they have a better understanding of the relation and their conduct to it ? I personally, would go with the latter thought, because love is a language spoken differently by different people. And its just quite practical that you don’t understand the language at first, but you do later on with effort..

I am often bugged by this question, and I would leave with the same bug… Should you do something for your partner, because its something you expect him to for you or because its something that you want to do for him ?


3 responses

  1. Staying silent often gives a wrong vibe. Even if u feel u need not express in a relationship.. it is always necessary that u do.. atleast in the start so that the person does get a feel and understand you better.. Without expressing urself a bit how do u expect other people to understand every bit of ur emotion?

    February 19, 2011 at 1:56 am

  2. LOL.. i came out here to post something else but now reading the previous comment made me feel good about the fact that somewhere my theories are also correct. My Blog’s theme says “Speak Up, Silence Kills!”

    well, coming back to your post buddy all I can say is that it is always the frame that exists be it the time, or place or surrounding which makes people perceive what they feel. You may love a color at one point where as in a completely different frame you may dislike that color to the core.


    February 21, 2011 at 5:02 am

  3. I thought the comments section must have been blank, but alas!. Glad to find that people still read you and you should keep up this work although it bugs you. 🙂 I find so many similarities between the blogs which I read and profiles which I visited today.

    The bond strengthens with time and understanding, which we give to someone we like to be with. Or the one whom we love (irrespective of the gender and age). If the unspoken words can be understood by a heart or a soul, then the conveying soul and the understanding heart are not different but the same.

    March 10, 2011 at 5:59 am

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