5:48PM, 24th September, 2008.

As I see the seconds’ leg moving, I try to feel the losing control on every passing moment. As I see the clouds sailing around, I wonder, how far I could follow them. As I see the flowers blooming, I wish I could capture them all. As I see everyone around me..  I keep challenging, how appropriately I could define them. And I find myself lost in defining the challenges while I keep challenging the definitions.

The fundamental variation in view points is because of the norms of the masses which is not synchronised with the messages of the souls. The souls we possess, are limitless, untamed, and free.  The live on love, and they die for the same. The speak emotions, and they are shapeless. Their only friend is trust, and their only dream are soul mates. Interestingly enough, they often are found to be disobedient to convention. The convention of customs, relations and  desires.  Smart enough are our brains, to have moulded them to a great extent. But luckier are the ones, who live them, with independence. The independence of riskily experimenting, the independence of illogical involvement, the independence of believing your unproved beliefs. the independence of living ‘undefined relationships’. Did that raise an eyebrow? . It should.

I was fortunate to have such lucky souls around me as well. And thanks to those conversations in leisure, I could conclude, that unexplained feelings need not always be treated sceptically.  That manipulating  your limitations isn’t an insult to your culture. That the emotion inside need not be lived with guilt, even if you cannot live with it . That every emotion you fail to define, can still be divine. That the essence of life is not in seeking to have respectable impressions but it is in just being alive, soulfully,

Might be some day, mankind accepts it all. But till then I believe, I am not the only believer.


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