1:57 AM, 15 Sep

“main to aisa manti hun wo bas ke pal hi hota hai, jismein do log ek dusre ke taraf jhuk jate hain. That single moment jo aap agar miss kar gaye, to shayad aap zindagi bhar ke liye mohabbat ko miss kar gaye”.. These lines were the opinions of a girl I met 8 years back. There was nothing to note about this probably, but what made me remember this as a thing from the past, is the vague attempt this statement does to explain, “Why emotios are always reciprocative ??” My journey through life has made me believe many philosophies, one of them being ” The irony of Life’s philosphy is that, it works for people who believe in it.” And probably this makes such different impressions of this great feeling always. I was never told by any experienced that these silly things that take my breath away, these sudden moments of joy that I keep experiencing accidentally, these unusual distractions that makes some beautiful soul omnipresent, these unnoticed smiles that appear on seeing a name on my handset, these many strange things that keeps happening all around me ..is LOVE. But I named it, with my own set of definitions. Now if everything in this world is being standardized, why not emotions ??


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  1. Now that u hv labeled it as absrtact gives the answer for yourself. Emotion is dat which God has bestowed upon us to use it as we wish to…now defination of LOVE varies from person to person. For some its a never ending feeling, for u its dat moment…that “bas ek Pal”…now for me love is nothing but an emotion which is attched to every relationship in this world. wherever u find attachment u find love…now u being a very dettached person may have some other definition. Thats the truth, it has to be abstract without any standardisation else it becomes something mechanical. U can take an example of an arrianged marriage…there is a standard set, u must love the person whom u marry…now tell me how can u standardise this whole system of marriage ??
    Anyways loved the post which is pretty much like the person i hv known since the day we became friends.

    Cheers !

    September 16, 2008 at 9:16 pm

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