Back ..( with a bang ?? )

8th Sep. A day of difference. I agreed to Mom’s proposal, and in a way clarified my game plan. A day where many illusions did disappear. But the price is what concerns. And perhaps today it was what was paid by the carpenter. I shouted dirty. The middle word in bold and caps. Had a distinct life, better than my yesterday. Some golden moments with papa. Unfortunately ROCK ON !! yet to be released.

Does this bear any resemblance or closeness to my idea of an ideal life. Probably yes. The best part of it being this moment, when I have the time to pen things down. As I said before, “Its your life. You make it, you break it”.  And I sit today to make things finer for a better future, I wish to pause and reflect of the moments that just passed by. A moment before, I gathered the need to bring on this laptop and a moment later I started yawning, as i write this. OMG!!. my mind is so wild. 😦


One response

  1. Monty

    hey dude !!
    welcome back and of course the second innings wud be lot better and successful for u…

    do watch rock on coz its a superb movie…i cud relate to it…coz thr is a dialogue in it which says “Jab log 20-22 ke hote hain, unko lagta hain duniya unke ishaaro pe nachegi, par….!!! ” and den many things u can relate to…

    go watch it !!

    September 11, 2008 at 10:31 pm

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