Will I succeed?

The many moments of sheer shame and no passion, that crawl on me to remain alive forever as my past, that goes beyond reach to define what I deserved and what I have… or probably that defines how much of me was expected and how much I gave..Amidst all this unsolved mysteries I wonder of all the leaders.. all the individuals and their beliefs that made them leaders… of all the deamers and their passion that made them achievers, of all the victims and their inspirations that made them victors. I dont assess if I have or not… I only wonder when I can think beyond ‘If’. I wonder when I would consciously live beyond struggle, I wonder when I would would be spoken to beyond success, I wonder when things could find their definition in sync with me.. I wonder when would I could start to think beyond “When”.


One response

  1. Monty

    Dont wait for that ‘When’

    just start it again n u can do it if others could…just blv in urself and visualise ur dreams…

    June 13, 2007 at 4:05 am

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